Junior Spartans

Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most!

Class Description

The San Diego Fight Club offers a variety of classes that cater to students with no experience up to professional athletes.  We provide a fun and comfortable atmosphere that promotes learning while building confidence and maintaining positive etiquette.   

Tiny Titans

Focusing on ages as young as 3 years old up to 6 years old, we teach them the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, striking, self-defense and more.  These classes are excellent for teaching balance, coordination, confidence and proper etiquette.  Classes are divided into 3 parts:  Body Mechanic Drills/ Martial Arts/ Team-building Coordination Games.


Junior Spartan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

For ages 7 to 14 we offer the “King of Martial Arts”, real-world self-defense.  In our BJJ grappling program, we sprinkle in Judo, and wrestling takedowns to give the best possible combination for improving athleticism, self-defense, and winning. On top of the physical benefits, this class focuses on encouraging ones self-esteem and team building.  Our members soon become winners on and off the mat.


Junior Spartan Boxing/Kickboxing

For ages 7 to 14, students learn proper mechanics and the sweet science of Boxing and Kickboxing.  The “ladder”, bag work, mitts, and classroom sessions are just some of the drills used to sharpen technical and mental skills.  This is a physical class great for burning energy and enhancing coordination.  Sparring is optional.

Junior Spartan Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

For ages 7 to 14 years old.  These classes are for the Junior Spartan Competition Team.  Students learn the strategies and tournament skills that make the Junior Spartans San Diego’s top competition team.

* Must have instructors consent to join*

Junior Spartan Wrestling

For ages 7 to 14, students learn the winning takedowns from our championship formula.  This is a great class for promoting balance, coordination, and strength.  Line and partner dills help develop technique while increasing core strength and explosiveness.  Our Spartans undergo a physical session that adds the winning conditioning and mentality to our team's success.

Personal Training Sessions

Personal training sessions provide one on one training sessions with the trainer of your choice.  Personal training sessions can be used to improve your game, teach you new skill, or help you obtain the fitness solutions you are looking for.  Personal sessions are your times to cover any skill or program you would like under the careful eye of an instructor.   Besides the martial arts that we already offer,  you may also select: Pro-Performance Training (for any sport), fitness/health programs, self-defense (specific to your needs), as well as anti-bullying techniques (physical+ verbal).  We also offer small group (2-6 people) sessions or “semi-private” lessons: the best way to learn in a comfortable atmosphere while building positive bonds with your family or friends.